Big Data Marketing Telecoming

Big Data Marketing Telecoming

Información del proyecto

To meet the demand of analytics over the large volumes of data handled by Telecoming, StrateBI has deployed a scalable architecture based on a Hadoop cluster (Sqoop, Hive) for data processing and Apache Kylin to support interactive analytical queries (Big Data OLAP).

Thanks to this new architecture, Telecoming has improved the quality and productivity of its decision-making processes, which translates into better results for their business.

Pentaho | Big Data

About Telecoming

  • Company specialized in mobile payments (Direct Carrier Billing) and digital marketing.
  • Manages Big Data sources.

Success factors

  • Hadoop Cluster (Sqoop, Hive) + Apache Kylin.
  • Pentaho BI + StrateBI STTools: Olap Analysis, Dashboards y Reporting.
  • Improved quality and productivity of decision-making processes.