Información del proyecto

SuiteCRM with custom modules and following the business logic

Thanks to a logical and functional design result of a thorough analysis, three not integrated software applications have been replaced with just one web application with all the functionality of a CRM: SuiteCRM.

This way, the trade promotion management, managing a hierarchy of customers and what business they are assigned and some informative templates are centralized into a single online system. In addition, the master data load to SuiteCRM, as products and customers, is synchronized with heterogeneous systems through technology source data integration of Pentaho.

It is followed by a  workflow validation in order to avoid mistakes in tricky points such as discounts.

Removal of information and data processing with Excel, into a customized module SuiteCRM has allowed customer to forget to search through files and lose historical information. Moreover, it has been the added the advantage of being able to share this information between different levels of users.

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