Gobierno de La Rioja

Gobierno de La Rioja

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Decision making Pentaho BI in the regional government

The government of La Rioja conducted a very thorough study of both proprietary solutions and open source BI solutions in the market. Finally, they selected our proposal with Pentaho BI for all the councils to build their marts on our system.

The initial goal was to build a unified information repository for the following types of aid for the purchase of housing, which allow visually analyze the evolution and aid distributions and can take corrective decisions quickly.

The proposed solution has a Data Mart, loaded via ETL processes with Pentaho Data Integration, which consolidated both historical information, such as daily changes. From an analytical point of view, we have a powerful application scorecard, separated into 4 functional areas, each containing 4 perspectives: economic, demographic, housing and banking profile).

The system is based on the intranet of the Government of La Rioja , built with Liferay. In addition to that. CAS server and security have been integrated into the Pentaho BI suite.

Through dashboards, assistant principals peope and their ultimately the Director are accessing consolidated and updated information with which to make decisions on the latest data and trends. The representation of the information is such that it allows them to graphically identify sectors that are less accessing aid, and can thus plan sectoral information campaigns.

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