Información del proyecto

Company providing credit services implements a Data Quarliy system with Pentaho

The technology multinational based in Atlanta (U.S.) is a worlwide leader in providing services in the area of credit risk. Equifax chose Stratebi to implement a centralized data quality system in order to integration information from macroeconomic, credit and consumer areas.

The implemented solution based on ETL processes with Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) was chosen taking into account main points, such as the complexity of the data sources, monitoring and recording of data errors and ensure traceability processes.

In addition, it was taken into account the standardization in the process design with the dual aim of facilitating the inclusion of new data sources in the future and to monitor the results visually. Fulfilling the requirements of quality and technological level demanded by Equifax.

Equifax got a stable and scalable system for data integration, which serves its products as a means to provide effective information to customers, maintaining privacy and technological criteria, processes and optimizing operations in the processing of data.

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