Información del proyecto

Business Intelligence System integrated with electronic certificates

The Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre did not have a Business Intelligence system and had the need to analyze the information from different applications, without sacrificing reports that were previously available before and including new features was a need.

In the modeling process it was emphasized the implementation of an analysis structure which would allow to analyze certificates, in order to adapt to the complexity of its organizational structure, formed by a pyramidal structure.

The different system resources are: OLAPl Analysis, Dashboards and Reporting, analyzing the number of certificates and productivity by different criteria, such as the type of certificate, state, geography, time, etc ... As additional functionality, it had been developed a subsystem, which allows automatic definition and sending reports to the recipient.

The main complexity of the project was modifying the Pentaho core to allow access through certificates, distinguishing the authentication and authorization process to integrate it into the strict security mechanisms in FNMT.

Now, FNMT has a centralized Business Intelligence environment, to analyze statistical data of certificates and factory management, deployed in cluster with high availability, providing access to thousands of users.

Pentaho | Dashboards
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