Talend is the European leader in data integration (ETL), Data Quality and Master Data Management.

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Talend is a sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation. Many of its engineers contribute to Apache and offer help for the guidance of projects in the Apache Incubator as mentors. The company is also a member of the Java Community Process. Acceda a nuestro blog TodoBI para descargar un paper gratuito sobre Talend Cloud.

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Experts in integrating / move all types of data sources: transactional, unstructured, external, ...


The integration of diverse, dispersed and heterogeneous data formats in a suitable common model to business.


Technical training at different levels. Ask us for an in-company training customized to your needs.


Talend Open Studio: Products Talend Open Studio create unparalleled flexibility for you to solve integration challenges your organization. Talend reduces the learning curve and minimizes barriers to adoption of data integration, Data Profiling, Big Data, integrations / migrations between applications, and much more…


Talend Data Integration

Provides robust data integration in an open and scalable architecture.

  • 900+ connectors and components
  • Intuitive interface
  • Business modeler
  • Jobs Designer
  • Open Source 100%
Talend Data Integration


Talend Open Profiler

A data profiling solution that analyzes the content, structure and quality of complex data structures.

Talend Open Profiler


Talend Data Quality

Data Quality product that cleanses inaccurate and inconsistent data, identifies and resolves duplicate records and provides the ability to enhance and improve the data.

Talend Data Quality


Talend MDM

A set of functions of master data management that provides the functionality for integration, quality, good governance, domain and data collaboration in:

  • Eclipse -based tools
  • Data profiling
  • 900+ connectors and components
  • Data model active
  • Audit Master Data
Talend MDM