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ETL Kettle Pentaho

ETL Kettle Pentaho


Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data is the key to success in a BI system for managing the quality of the data properly.

In this course you will have some of the best practices that we recommend for the design of ETL processes such as:

Centralization of procedures so that the coherence and consistency of the exchanged data from different sources is ensured.

Avoid redundancy calculations: if there is data previously calculated in the operational databases should not return to the calculation performed in the extraction. This premise aims to achieve a double objective.

Establishment of points of "quality control" and validation.

Implement processes charging information for possible errors in the initial information.

Consider the possibility of using intermediate tables with the most atomic level of information to be treated.

In addition, we will review the most important and used ETL tool Pentaho elements: Pentaho Data Integration and Kettle.

Target audiences

Professionals information technology, IT managers, business analysts, systems analysts, Java architects, system developers, database administrators, developers and professionals in relation to the area of technology, marketing, business and financial.


Data Quality and Integration with Pentaho


Introduction Open Source Business Intelligence Platforms
  • Architecture and features of Pentaho, SpagoBI , BIRT , Mondrian , Kettle , Talend , etc ...
  • Development Tools.
ETL (Kettle)
  • Good practices for ETL process definition.
  • Functional Overview (work, Transformations, flow control)
  • Parameterisation
    • Environment Variables
    • Parameterization of connections to databases. Shared connections.
    • Parameterization of loads and load types
  • Jobs
    • Overview
    • Steps types (Mail, File Managament, etc ...)
    • Description of Steps
    • Steps examples of more useful and common
  • Transformations
    • Overview
    • Steps types (Input, Output, Tranform, etc ...)
    • Description of Steps
    • Steps examples of more useful and common
  • Practical examples


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