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BI Introduction

BI Introduction


All key elements of training in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse offered by qualified professionals Stratebi, top specialists in Business Intelligence in Spain and faculty of the Master in Business Intelligence UOC.

The fundamental for professionals who want to become or deepen their knowledge in one of the fastest growing areas today, the Business Intelligence course. You can download our 'White Paper' on New Trends in Business Intelligence

Stratebi is the creator of the main blog about Business Intelligence in Spanish:

We also organized with the City of Madrid's main event on data analytics solutions Open Source: Open Analytics

Two weeks (32 contact hours and 15 hours of exercises e-learning). No advanced technical skills are necessary. Aimed at all types of professional-oriented decision-making, management and analysis. (Marketing, Finance, Operations ...)

Target audiences

Information technology professionals, IT managers, business analysts, systems analysts, Java architects, system developers, database administrators, developers and professionals in relation to the area of technology, marketing, business and financial.


Delivery of Official Certificate of Achievement by leading specialists Business Intelligence Spain. Ej) This course has been made to Telefónica Internacional, SEAT, Association for the Advancement of Management, Accenture, etc ...

In Stratebi we are specialists in Business Intelligence, working with major clients and developing powerful business intelligence solutions. View Demos


  • What is Business Intelligence ? Basic concepts.
  • Where and how the data is stored ?
  • What kind of analysis can I do?
  • How do I can benefit from the use of BI in my daily work ?
  • Convert ' data ' in ' information '
  • Delete ' redundant ' information.
  • Improvement areas and departments .
  • What is a Data Warehouse?
  • What is a Scorecard ?
  • What is a Scorecard ?
  • Assessment of the information my company
  • Optimizing ROI
  • What are the key indicators of a business.
  • Top Business Intelligence Solutions
  • How to get competitive advantage?
  • Cases and practical examples


Ajustamos cada curso a sus necesidades.

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