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Jedox CPM

Jedox CPM


PALO is the perfect solution multidimensional MOLAP generation needs for budgeting, management control, simulations and Forecasts ...

This type of database is adequate to handle complex data models for business management and statistics. In addition to multidimensional queries, data can also be written back ( write back ) and consolidate them in real time. In order to provide quick access to all data, Palo stores them in memory during runtime. See Palo technology.

The great evolution for professionals Excel spreadsheets.

Stratebi is the first official partner of Jedox Palo in Spain

We provide practical training, which lays the foundation of the Business Intelligence strategy, accompanied by participatory sessions, on real cases and business solutions.

2 days.

Target audiences

Advanced technical skills are not needed, but would have been important user of business intelligence collaboration tools. Aimed at all types of professional -oriented decision-making , management and analysis, planning and budgeting. (Marketing, Finance, Sales, Operations ... )



All students receiving the course will be given a certificate of attendance.


Day 1
  • Introduction to OLAP
  • Installing Palo
  • Planning an OLAP application
  • Creating databases
  • Creating dimensions
  • Adding elements
  • Consolidation of elements
  • Creating and deleting cubes
  • Entering and displaying data
  • Data entry ( Splashing , Copy & Like )
  • DataImport / dataexport (basic examples)
Day 2
  • Working with attributes
  • Comments
  • Calculated elements
  • Import of elements
  • Import of data (examples advanced)
  • Working with rules
  • Subsets
  • Sser privileges
  • Exercises


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