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Handling huge amount of data has become a great technological leap nowadays, allowing enterprises to analyze of structured and unstructured data.They are datasets that grow so large that they become uncomfortable to work with management tools traditional databases. Difficulties include capture, storage, search, exchange, analysis and visualization.

Due to the benefits of working with sets larger data that allow analysts to "spot business trends, prevent diseases, combat crime" will need new technologies, NoSQL, Hadoop ... that support it.

Big Data uses both heterogeneus and complementary technologies ((Hadoop, NoSQL, Column oriented DB, SQL Databases...) in order to allow these objectives. It also uses power Open Source view tools.

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Solution types

In Stratebi (you may contact us for a Demo) we use both Business Intelligence and Big Data in order to provide Big Data Analytics solutions in areas such as:

  • Social Media Solutions (twitter, facebook, ...)
  • Web analytics analysis solutions, logs, ecommerce, etc...
  • Smart City/Open Data solutions.
  • Geolocation, mobile devices solutions ...
  • Fraud detection, audit, system tunning solutions
  • Safety and financial analysis solutions, for Retail, Telco, Bank and Insurance.
  • Advanced segmentation solutions for customers, lead and business actions automation.
  • Business Intelligence (reports, dashboards, OLAP, …) in real time.
  • Analysis for devices and sensors solutions (energy, water, pollutions, light, ...)
  • Trend detection solutions for shopping, advices, etc.
  • Solutions for bulk load and data structured/non structured information.

Thanks to Open Source technology, the implementation of these solutions allows you to save costs compared with propieraty software. Ej): Big Data Analytics con Pentaho

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