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Olap MDX

Olap MDX


From weeks to minutes, so is the power of multidimensional OLAP solutions we work. No need to rely on knowledge or technology departments, users can make their own advanced adhoc analysis.

Using OLAP cubes is very common in implementations, such as the case of MRW, EOI, Dipsalut...

Everything an analyst needs for consultation, analytical reporting and decision making: charts, graphics capability, drill down, drill to detail, export to different formats, securization by roles...

The multidimensional analysis provides data access at high speed, thanks to its multidimensional design. A to analysis-oriented structure and decision making.

In this course you will learn everything about OLAP and MDX in the world Open Source. You can learn how to create your OLAP structures with which you can exploit your information into a BI system and learn to perform MDX queries directly into these structures.

Target audiences

Professionals information technology, IT managers, business analysts, systems analysts, Java architects, system developers, database administrators, developers and professionals in relation to the area of technology, marketing, business and financial.


See some examples of running OLAP cubes

Employment OLAP cubes

Guided OLAP cubes with simulation

OLAP analysis parties with links


Introduction Open Source Business Intelligence Platforms
  • Architecture and features of Pentaho, SpagoBI, BIRT, Mondrian, Kettle, Talend, etc...
  • Development Tools.
Datawarehouse, Olap and Pentaho Analysis. Mondrian OLAP
  • Datawarehouse - Datamart.
  • Star models.
  • Multidimensionality / OLAP
  • OLAP. Mondrian. Mondrian architecture.
  • JPivot and MDX.v
  • Mondrian schemes. Schema Workbench to design schemes Mondrian.
  • Optimization Tips. Pentaho Aggregation Designer.
  • Alternatives to JPivot: STpivot and Saiku
  • Practical examples


OLAP & MDX Techniques Training

  • Workshop

Date: Del 19 May. - 20 May. 2023.

Schedule: 9:00H - 14:00H and 15:30H a 18:30H

Place: Av. de Brasil, 17, 16º A-B. Madrid

Price: 375€ / person

Payment: Paypal or Wire transfer (Ask)

OLAP & MDX Techniques Training

  • Online

Date: Del 24 May. - 25 May. 2023.

Schedule: 16:00H - 21:00H (CEST - Madrid)

Place: Plataforma web con profesor

Price: 95€ / person

Payment: Paypal or Wire transfer (Ask)


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