Stratebi is an official partner of Microsoft Power BI in Spain

Power BI is a set of analytics applications that allows you to analyze data and share information. Power BI, (which Stratebi is an official partner) is the perfect solution for business intelligence, allowing you to view different data sources in a single report for the most critical KPIs for your business. Use it anytime and wherever you are! take a look at our courses or request them 'in company.

Check out our reference portfolio. In Stratebi we are pioneers and specialists in solutions big data and machine learning with Power BI.

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Power BI and Salesforce integration




Some of the main features of Power BI:

  • Fast and very intuitive access to your data
  • Data discovery and data exploration
  • Collaboration in your organization
  • Information analysis for all users


Power BI components:

  • Desktop
  • Service (cloud)
  • Report server (on premise)
  • Data gateways
  • Mobile


Our tutorials:




Power BI Architecture



View all the data of interest in one click

Advanced analytics at everyone's fingertips

Makes it easier for business users to find patterns they would otherwise have missed:

  • Rapid grouping/forecasting measures
  • Using DAX language to create powerful KPIs
  • Advanced analytics with R or Python







With Power BI you will have the tools to make the right decisions to your business.


Features of Power BI

  • Business Intelligence

    Power BI is a set of business analysis applications that allows you to analyze data and share information quickly and very intuitively. You will always know what the status of your company is and if you need your attention, you can solve any problem at the moment thanks to the intuitive panels in real time.

  • Power BI Mobile

    Access your data and reports from anywhere and anytime with Power BI Mobile mobile applications, which are automatically updated with changes made to the data.


  • Reports and Analysis

    Power BI Desktop is a data mashup and reporting tool that includes numerous features. Create spectacular reports that communicate your message with maximum efficiency.

  • Power BI Service

    With the Power BI service, publish reports securely in your organization and set up automatic data refresh so everyone has the latest information.

  • Data Sources

    It allows you to join more than 65 different data sources: SAP HANA, MySQL, Teradata, IBM DB2, Dynamics Navision, CRM, SQL. Excel files, .CSV, JASON or download data from online services like Facebook, Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM, Marketo, MailChimp ...


  • Questions in Natural Language

    You can ask any question by getting the right answer instantly. The natural language or "Q & A" (Q & A) is the functionality that facilitates the user to get closer to the data that he / she wants to know, for example: What has been the benefit of my best selling product?


  • Collaboration

    Collaborate with team members by creating work groups by adding, deleting, or limiting features; create, publish and view organizational content packages; check shared data...