Why use Liferay?

Liferay Portal is the leading platform for corporate portals Open Source. For all types of solutions, from departmental applications for Workgroups to web portals with millions of users, Liferay Portal is the perfect choice. It is appropriate for organizations seeking platform oriented standards and what response platform to your business needs either to quickly build a website with a powerful user interface or to support the activity of their critical applications.

The platform Liferay Portal offers standard, plus a flexible and modular kernel, full set of tools for managing the portal, web content management, documental management, integration with corporate applications, management workflows or to work collaborative.

> Portfolio Technical Features

Development methodology

  • Project Management

    From the beginning to the end of the project, we will monitor compliance with the deadlines, project objectives and resources allocated. The risks identified to ensure the success of the project are managed.

  • Conceptualisation of Portal

    This phase aims at defining the portal both esthetic and functional level. User experiences from the ideas they have about the project will be defined.

  • Design of styles and features

    Visual prototypes that reflect the defined project and with whom you feel identified are designed. Those decisions aesthetic, functional and techniques that make a viable project are taken.

  • Development of portlets, themes, ...

    We start to build the portal! From a revised and approved conceptual design, we implement the necessary components to make it happen.

  • Portal Validation

    During the development phase, prototypes validations will be made in a periodical way. This phase is important because you can go see how your project is taking shape until a final validation.

  • Start up

    Training on the developed solution, implementation and deployment of the final product in a production environment ready for use.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Once your BI platform is in production, we may offer different plans for maintenance and technical support you need.




Liferay provides a set of tools, methods and services based on industry standards that make it easier to develop applications and web portals.


Development Tools

Liferay has created an Eclipse plugin (Liferay IDE) that includes a complete environment for developing and testing portlets, hooks, issues of appearance and portals.


User Interface Frameworks

Liferay AlloyUI, bootstrap and many more like JQuery or GWT. These technologies provide high power for the development of responsive and attractive portals.


Porlets Development Frameworks

JSF, Liferay Faces, MVC, Spring and Vaadin, among others. Optimized for the development of new features to incorporate into your portal.


Development of appearance themes

The incorporation of technologies such as Fremaker and Velocity bring dynamism to development. With Liferay themes you can develop custom appearance and with their own corporate identity.



Liferay supports standard protocols such as SOAP, JSON, REST, and JMS. The Liferay Service Builder tool allows you to define a model automatically creating your local and remote services, which control the class load, cache or searching for services.


Liferay Marketplace

It contains themes of appearance, advanced features, portlets and complete applications designed for Liferay Portal.

Liferay Portal uses to ...

Custom web portals | Self-service portals | Online Communities | Websites for affiliates and franchises | Portals adapted to the user's role | Social Networking | Spaces for collaborative work | Intranets | Corporate portals

Broad range of tools

Application Templates | Blogs | Calendars | Categories and tags | Chat | Document Library and multimedia | Forums | Message board | Mobile preview | Open Social container | Polls | Responsive themes | Role-based content | Searches | Social Networking | WCM | wikis | Workflow engine