Smart Cities

Public Administrations are becoming 'Smart Cities' thanks to the demand for information and transparency on the part of its citizens.

All the power of a Smart City solution

Check the information on urbanisms of cities , municipalities and provincial councils.

All indicators, from various sources: public, for areas to analyze their environment and make comparisons.

Autonomy technology area: take their decisions in seconds.

Socio-demographic data, economic, housing, land registry, geospatial, ...

A powerful analytical environment with reports dashboards, OLAP queries, ...

100 % accessible by web, mobile devices and integration office.

Smart Cities

Smart City Analytics

  • Key indicators for citizens.
  • Traceability and monitoring of actions.
  • Economic and budgetary efficiency.
  • Environmental and urban balance.
  • Balancing Local Tax.
  • Tracking employment in the municipality.
  • Analysis of creation and promotion of SMEs.
  • Measuring the quality of citizenship (hospitals, homes, businesses, schools, taxes ...)
  • Studies for promoting access to housing.
  • Analysis of social integration.
  • Monitoring of environmental indicators.
  • Management of telematic applications.
  • Efficiency of the administrative staff.

Data Journalism: A support to citizens