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Vertica relies on a proven, reliable distributed architecture and columnar compression to deliver breakneck speed. A simplified licensing and the ability to deploy it anywhere, offering the best solution on the market to analyze large volumes of data. Some of the customers in which we have implemented this technology are   Telefónica ,  FNMT ,   Verifica ,   Grupo Soledad ,  Fedefarma , etc... 


Foundation of Vertica:


  • Columnar Storage

    Speeds query time by reading only necessary data

  • Compression

    Lowers costly I/O to boost overall performance

  • MPP Scale-out

    Provides high scalability on clusters with no name node or other single point of failure

  • Distributed Query

    Any node can initiate the queries and use other nodes for work. No single point of failure

  • Projections

    Combine high availability with special optimizations for query performance


These are some of the companies that trust on Vertica's speed


Gather information about your data 50x-1.000x faster than legacy software 


An open and versatile architecture



Big Data

Vertica columnar database is an advanced analytical platform, is built from its first line of code for Big Data . Designed for Data Warehousing and in Big Data workloads where the speed, scalability asimplicity are crucial to the success of the analyses.


Choose the deployment method that best fits your need!



Vertica EON MODE opens up a world of possibilities

Eon Mode separates data processing from data storage. This separation allows the ability to store your data in a single location (S3 in AWS) and elastically vary the number of processing nodes connected to that location, according to your need. In addition, the cluster size can be adjusted without interrupting analytical workloads by adding or removing nodes as the volume of work changes.

  • State-of-the-art analysis architecture;
  • Separates processing and storage;
  • Elastic scale;
  • Cloud economy maximization;
  • Supports dynamic workloads;
  • Simplifies database operations;
  • Enables automation for analytics.

Machine Learning in-database


Data Security - Voltage SecureData 

To help mitigate the risks associated with the processing of sensitive data, GDPR recommends encrypting your data. The Voltage SecureData Add-on for Vertica brings a unique data-centric approach to the encryption of data in Vertica, with sensitive information preserved end-to-end, from the moment of capture through business analysis applications and to the back-end data store.